domingo, 25 de marzo de 2018

Thank you wiiware for the good times!

Wiiware is closing... there are good games inside the wiiware library...
The best games for me were:
5) Fast ( a futuristic race game similar to F-zero)
4) Excitebike world tour by nintendo (what a beautiful retrogame)
3) Contra Rebirth ( come on is contra!!)
2) Final fantasy my life as a Dark lord (cool tower defense game lml )
S) Special mention To Zombie panic at wonderland!
1) Castlevania Rebirth (one of the best castlevania ever) with a cool nostalgic soundtrack)

sábado, 10 de marzo de 2018

Nintendo harcore = nintendocore

Photo: Take it from this link: https://boulevardbrutal.files.wordpress.com

Cover: Another gamer sexy girl

Nintendo Grrrl : Unknown

Idea: the original idea comes from the youtube channel called otra chica gamer más. but I changed a little bit!

Music: Midna Lament by ost of the legend of zelda twilight princess

domingo, 25 de febrero de 2018

The concept art of Axiom Verge rules! (and also this game rules!)

Talking about beautiful games... The art of Axiom Verge is so dark and mechanic.. you can see the influence of the Alien franchise and from species  franchise... so we now that behind the curtain is H.R. Giger and this independent video game capture that kind of dark/diabolic art so well.

I going to show some random and not so random screen shot! take a peek!:

Is she or it sleeping?
Sometimes you have to deal with wierd stuff in this game like fighting with self...
The soundtrack is amazing too with sounds influenced by the arab culture like this track:
I highly recommend this video game is so complete is the 2d old Metroid game we always wanted so bad.. I have it for Steam in my laptop but you can get it in wii u and nintendo switch!!
please keep making this kind of retro style games!

sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

Mini snes!! (nintendo forgot some cool games)

Nintendo forgot to add some pretty good games to the list... And im going to present the list of the forgotten games!

1. Chrono Trigger. (why? Because es the #1 game in the history of video games period.)

2. Seiken densetsu 3 ('cause the game is so unique and it never came to America!!)

3. Bs Zelda no densetsu ( same reason as number 2 in this list)

4.Fire emblem (why!!! how do you dare!?!?  ).

5. Tales of phantasia !!!!! (no comments!!! )

miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018

The end is close... miitomo shut down in 2018

What the hell nintendo... sometimes I just don't get you... really...
there is a kinda a protest inside the miitomo app.. people start to complain in the comments section.
Messages like : "Nintendo you made it and blew again" and " people show your charts and start the riot"

Well I don´t know why nintendo is gonna end this, but I thing is a pretty bad move... I mean come on the people are enjoying this application for the big N and now in 2018 (is 5/9/2018 )is gonna end. ok is this the beginning of the genocide of the miiverse? is nintendo going to disappear all this? well I hope not...