domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

An open letter to Nintendo for a random nostalgic dude

I want to write something about the big "N" cause we need back some of the gems to the past and of course find new forms of enterteiment. let's see, over the years nintendo have improved different ways of play: remember the gamepad, the analog stick, rumble pack and of course the wii mote a revolution of the gameplay experience and now is gonna be the joy con.

Nintendo have to definitely come back to the roots, I think others companies they are doing that thing to go back and saw some retro game or recreate some new sagas such like double dragon IV is coming for Steam and Playstation4. that is a good move I gonna buy my copy for Steam... but what about nintendo? why is not looking for that path...? yes we saw Contra rebirth, Exitebike , Castlevania adventure and some other cool retro games... shovelknight... but the big "N" needs a new direction... is too childish sometimes... nintendo just forgot that the audience grew up...

We need an obscure game of metroid! with blood and all the creepy stuff! a remake for the return of samus will be great!! or a FPS for the galaxy federation marine corps! thats will be awesome!dont take it a bad way but blastball just make people wonder about the metroid universe... what about a new darker castlevania!!a remake of Chrono Trigger!  a Quake game mixed with an Unreal game will be bloodish! the new friday the 13 will be perfect coming for Nintendo (is already on Steam).

Some movies have to be adapted to video games... like Labyrinth, it will be a good idea to make a role playing game based on the fantasy film... or maybe make a game based on the movie return of oz it will be darker... or based on a horror film like sleepaway camp. there's to many movies that can be adapted to videogames.

So a great company always have to hear to their masses... the equation is easy nostalgia plus violence plus movie adaptations to video games and mixed universe of old franchises (like quake and unreal).