lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

A Cool game cube over the years!

Today is november the 20th of 2017 and I still play the game cube... why? 'cause the console is still working and I didn't end gestalt circles ( i mean i did not finish some games). I and in the other hand I wanna play some good games! 

So right now I'm playing these games! 
1) Luigi's mansion: what great game I feel kinda sorry that I didn't finish this game... but c'mon back in the day I was a student of psychology! I didn't have time to play all the games!! =S but thanks for the good memories and from bring them back again! 

#2) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: master quest! well i know what are you thinking right now! that this is a nintendo 64 game! but let me explain! I didn't finish properly this game... because when everybody was playing Zelda in the nintendo 64, I was playing castlevania symphony of the night in my sega saturn! sooo I have to complete this circle!!.  

#3) Ikarugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I can't with this fucking gameeeeeeee!! is so difficult!! =S

#4) Metroid prime 2 (I have to finish this game)  this game is not gonna beat me! I love the prime saga! but I did not finish this game 'cause of the university duties... soo I have to beat it!

#5) Smash bros melee!! I never quit playing! I keep fighting ! brawling! drinking with my mates all these years ! I not gonna stop playing this game rule!

domingo, 12 de noviembre de 2017

Drill Man! & la industria del porn

Drill Man ese robot enemigo de Megagay (mega man) se quedo sin jale despuès de la cuarta entrega de megaman... el Dr. Cossack no le dio jale y el Dr. Willy no le dejo trabajar con èl puesto que sus estudios no iban a doc a las investigaciones del academico mencionado... 

Lo que se supo del robot Drill Man es que andaba perforando en Cananea para una mina canadiense... pero empezo a colapasar por los fuertes quìmicos que despiden los jales de las minas... como todo un geòlogo de la Unversidad de Sonora lo tiraban como carne de cañòn, para hacer mineria de exploraciòn y encontrar materiales radiactivos y por supuesto si ve sin querer por ahi el coltan (el oro negro) mucho mejor.

Lo ùltimo que se supo es que andaba perforando a una actriz llamada Alexis Texas por Metroid y le daban mejor sueldo que en la mina... posteriormente se le vio por las montañas de Hitomi Tanaka haciendo maniobras Russas o Sovieticas.
No se sabe su actual paradero...

martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Squirtle dass!

Photo: Steal it from Instagram

Babe: Windy Wirk

Cover: By Unknown dude

Idea: the idea comes from playing smash bros melee and listening the windy wirk youtube channel.

Song: Shake me by Millencolin

lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

Zelda no densetsu!! (3rd quest)

Theres a zelda game out there that never reach the new continent. its called: BS zelda no densetsu and is for the super famicom of course, released by Satelliteview. BS cause is for the broadcoast satelliteview that is attached to the super famicom  in Japan.

its a cool game based on the original legend of zelda for the classic nintendo entertaiment system. but the game has changed... some parts of the map are different now... even the castle seven isn't in the same place... theres two ocarinas =S! its a complete different game! you have to try this game! I wonder why nintendo didnt launch into the wiiware this wonderful peace of art! and guess what!! you have to beat in a short period of time!
Well you have to try this beauty in your emulator or in your hombrew channel in you nintendo wii because nintendo doesnt wanna release this game for the wiiware so check it out! peace out!

miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Miitomo happy beerday!

¿Miitomo suckea? not really...
Some gamers said that Miitomo sucks... but some people actually they didn't even try the app... so if you think about it, they are too many people outside in the world that make decisions without even try the nintendo app. So it goes.
the haters gonna hate, the fanboys gonna cry... nonetheless if you want to make an statement of a review of a game or an application at least try it... the aim people for the nintendo app are causal gamers... so are you gonna hate? or are you gonna try it? it is better to play the game/app.

so this is the question of the day:

are you a real gamer or just a fan boy defending a flag?
peace out!!

miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

El Loco y super soccer!

SUPER SOCCER de SNES es un buen video juego, tiene algunos pequeños detalles ( con vos de Vincent Vega). que le dan un buen toque a este juego de nintendo. Vamos a checar cuidadosamente... el juego va cronologicamente a lo que fue la copa mundial Italia 90. En ese torneo hubo algunos personajes importantes como el africano Roger Milla que fue el futbolista más longevo en la historia de las copas mundiales y el Sudamericano René Higuita como el jugador más tronado y wason. 

 Hay mucha gente ahí afuera que no conoce al jugador más fumado (yes weed) de futbol soccer y me refiero al icono noventero-ochentero de René Higuita a ese amigo la verdad le gustaba la mota, y eso no tiene nada de malo... (hay mucho tabu en torno al consumo de cannabis) pero este jugador hacia maniobras poco ortodoxas! como el famoso escorpión!
 El juego de super soccer de SNES es un buen video juego con gráficos de 16bits, pero le aseguro que es más divertido que los FIFA que parecen clones con mejoras a travez de los años... en la foto de arriba muestro la evidencia donde en el equipo de Colombia el portero en ese entonces Higuita era apodado con el nombre de LOCO...

domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

An open letter to Nintendo for a random nostalgic dude

I want to write something about the big "N" cause we need back some of the gems to the past and of course find new forms of enterteiment. let's see, over the years nintendo have improved different ways of play: remember the gamepad, the analog stick, rumble pack and of course the wii mote a revolution of the gameplay experience and now is gonna be the joy con.

Nintendo have to definitely come back to the roots, I think others companies they are doing that thing to go back and saw some retro game or recreate some new sagas such like double dragon IV is coming for Steam and Playstation4. that is a good move I gonna buy my copy for Steam... but what about nintendo? why is not looking for that path...? yes we saw Contra rebirth, Exitebike , Castlevania adventure and some other cool retro games... shovelknight... but the big "N" needs a new direction... is too childish sometimes... nintendo just forgot that the audience grew up...

We need an obscure game of metroid! with blood and all the creepy stuff! a remake for the return of samus will be great!! or a FPS for the galaxy federation marine corps! thats will be awesome!dont take it a bad way but blastball just make people wonder about the metroid universe... what about a new darker castlevania!!a remake of Chrono Trigger!  a Quake game mixed with an Unreal game will be bloodish! the new friday the 13 will be perfect coming for Nintendo (is already on Steam).

Some movies have to be adapted to video games... like Labyrinth, it will be a good idea to make a role playing game based on the fantasy film... or maybe make a game based on the movie return of oz it will be darker... or based on a horror film like sleepaway camp. there's to many movies that can be adapted to videogames.

So a great company always have to hear to their masses... the equation is easy nostalgia plus violence plus movie adaptations to video games and mixed universe of old franchises (like quake and unreal).